Firstly, certification is a mandatory step for type-approval and finally for the marketing of products in Brazilian territory, which also applies similarly to other Latin American countries, but more than that the certification Adds important values to your product:

-Strengthening the credibility of the brand, demonstration of ethics and respect to the consumer.

Consumer protection, guarantee that the product meets the minimum quality requirements and that the user is not exposed to risk conditions.

Brand protection, guarantee that the brand will be protected under the law, having its products been properly tested, certified and approved by the competent bodies.

In a scenario of consumers every day more informed and demanding certainly this set of values gives their product an important differential.

CGCRE (certificate for approval of products with Inmetro) – comprised of three steps, the CGCRE certification is aimed at the user’s safety; They are: Audit in the manufacturing unit, evaluation of the product documentation and the realization of the tests. After a positive evaluation, the certificate authorising the use of the CGCRE seal in the respective products is issued.