ICBr Product Certifications for INMETRO Ordinances

Speed and accuracy in Product Certifications

ICBR is a Certification body Accredited by the Coordination General of Accreditation of INMETRO since 2005, and it has been gathering experience, knowledge, excellence since then, and always adjusting its internal procedures to simplify the process. ICBr evaluates products following INMETRO regulations, issues the Certificate of conformity, which is the document necessary prior to selling some types of electronic devices in Brazil. ICBr has the capatiy to wither Certify a National or International product, as we have partners for audits all over the world, specially in USA, CANADA, EUROPE and CHINA, reducing the final cost to the client. Always improving and simplifyng its process, ICBr is proud today of the excellence achieved in our certificates, and our most important asset, our clients.

Scope and Tips to make your process faster

Choosing Laboratory

Accredited laboratories for the scope of the product to be certified may be used in the Certification process.

Product Certification Scope

Know the list of products that the ICBr is able to certificate and the Inmetro regulamentations.

How to export samples

The sending of samples to our Laboratory from abroad to Brazil it may be done by 2 ways: Via Courier (DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT and others) or Via formal Import/Export.

Electro-medical Certification

The certification of electro-medical is necessary to certify that the devices meet the minimum requirements of performance, electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility

Electric/Electronic products certification

The main objective of the Conformity Assessment is to inform and protect the consumer as to the health, safety and the environment, thereby stimulating continuous quality improvement.

Computer Goods Certification

The certification of Computer Goods is voluntary, that is, it is not mandatory, but it is a great differential in the market, as it aims at reducing accidents, increasing quality and reducing energy consumption of products.

Wall and Pedestal Fans and Air Circulators Certification

The certification of fans became necessary after realizing that these devices present risks to the health of the consumers.

Led Lamps Certification

Certification of LED bulbs with integrated base device is required to make sure appliances attend minimum performance, electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

Noise Seal Certification

Part of the Silence Program, Noise Seal certification was created to preserve and protect consumers against noise pollution, also identified on household appliances.

Electronic Time Clock certification

Electronic Time Clock certification is required to certify that the devices attend the minimum performance requirements.

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Questions about the certification process?

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