IBRACE is a Certification body Designated by ANATEL, founded in 2001. IBRACE’S role is to certify products for ANATEL, performing the technical analysis on a precise and fast way, resulting on ANATEL’S homologation, and allowing the commercialization of the product in Brazilian market.

Located in Campinas, São Paulo state, IBRACE is part of a Group where there is also CertLab, ICBr and IPDA. Inside a complex of 3.000m², with the most modern and efficient instalations of the market.

Scope and Tips to make your certification process faster

How to Export Samples

The sending of samples to our Laboratory from abroad to Brazil it may be done by 2 ways

Telecommunications scope

Through Regulations 242 and 323, ANATEL defined a list of products that require homologation. The list is divided in three categories

ANATEL regulation

Product homologation makes it safe for consumers to purchase and use telecommunications products as this procedure gives a warranty for such products to follow minimum quality and security standards, and that all technical functions are in compliance with their respective legal regulations.

Documents required

Know more about the required documents for the certification process, divided by the project stages.

Choosing Laboratory

ANATEL defined a rule to choose laboratories where the samples of your product shall be delivered in order to be put into test.

Some of products we certifIcate

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Questions about the certification process?

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