ANATEL certification is necessary for the marketing of telecommunications products in Brazil. Telecommunication is the transmission, sending or receiving of information through an electromagnetic process by wire or wireless. This concept applies to products such as cellphones, tablets, car keys, routers, modems, among others. In Brazil, ANATEL, the National Telecommunications Agency, is responsible for the control of the products through its regulation on certification and approval of telecommunications products, according to resolution 242.

What is ANATEL approval/certification for telecommunications products?

 The certification and approval of telecommunications products is the guarantee that consumers have to purchase and use appliances that follow the standards of quality, safety of use and mandatory functionality according to the Brazilian regulations of Telecommunications. The product may only be sold legally after issuing the certificate of technical conformity and having completed the ANATEL type-approval process, in which an identification number is generated for the product model, and it must be in all units of the same , through the ANATEL seal.


ANATEL does not have a defined list of products that need to be certified, so two main criteria have been established to determine whether a product is certification-capable, they are:

  • By technology: If the equipment has technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and radio transmission.
  • By components: It is related to the types of cables and connectors indispensable for the communication system.

However, some components of cell phones such as batteries, chargers and some accessories also need certification.

How to certify my product?

First you need to contact a designated certification body known as OCD. The OCD, will recommend a laboratory accredited by CGCRE for the realization of the tests, based on the specifications of each product. The process begins with the request for a proposal for IBRACE (OCD), which must contain technical specifications of the products and the declaration of all interfaces applied to the object. After this receipt, a technical team analyzes the documents sent and identifies the product within one of the three categories defined by ANATEL, they are: Category I: They are mostly products that will be used by end users. The equipment of this category needs to be retested annually so that it is proven that no modification has occurred in the same during the production time, and consequently so that they can continue on the market. Examples of category I products:

  • Cell phone;
  • cell phone battery;
  • Cell phone chargers;
  • Modem.

Category II: Devices that emit radio signal, such as AM and FM transmitters and receivers. These equipments need revaluation every two years, where they are verified by documentation if the specifications remain the same as those tested, the laboratory tests are not necessary. Examples of category II products:

  • Wifi network equipment;
  • Radio-frequency automation equipment;
  • Antennas and radio and television transmitters.

Category III: They are products that follow national legislation in the question of reliability and electromagnetic compatibility. They are appliances that operate internally and have no direct contact with the end user. These equipment do not need to go through retests or revaluations. Examples of category III products:

  • Fiber optic cables;
  • Cable connectors.

What is required to certify a product?

 After the definition of which category your product fits the IBRACE sends a commercial proposal. After the acceptance of the proposal the customer must send to the OCD the following documents:

  • Technical Specification;
  • Technical Manual;
  • User Manual;
  • external and internal photos;
  • Pictures of the label;
  • Electrical scheme;
  • ISO 9001;
  • Product supplier data in Brazil;
  • Letter of representation;
  • Manufacturer’s data;
  • Data from the plant;
  • Specific declarations on a case-by-case basis;
  • Test reports;
  • Certificate of technical conformity;

Parallel to the submission of these documents are started the tests on the products-the number of samples varies according to the product and should be sent to the laboratory hired. After all tests have been carried out, the OCD issues a certificate of technical conformity.

Product approval

 After the product obtains the certification the same is included in the certification and approval management Service, known by the acronym SGCH, a database where all the certified products in the country are compiled. Then there is a new inclusion of documents, and this step of inclusion on the ANATEL website occurs by paying at a fee; After payment the OCD gives progress in the approval process. In order to enter the approval process, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Completed approval application form;
  • Certificate issued by OCD;
  • Product Manual translated into Portuguese;
  • Photo of provisional Anatel’s seal.

The process terminates when ANATEL publishes the approval of its product on the site SGCH and generates an approval number.


 The type-approval number is in the type-approval certificate, but it also needs to be included in the product, except for some exceptions in relation to the size of the equipment or other reason. It is this seal ensuring that the appliance is within the levels of quality and safety required by the regulation.

Do I need to worry after my product is already on the market?

 ANATEL performs inspections on the market, they occur without notice and aim to seize products that are not certified. When you find some irregular product the establishment that sells it is fined and the product is prevented from being sold again until it passes through the certification process.

What is the length of time of this process?

 The duration of the process may vary according to some factors, such as:

  • Tests: Some products require more testing or longer x failure and need to retest;
  • Documentation: Sending documents on scheduled dates x pending.

But in general, the processes last around two months: one month for the certification process and one month for the approval process.

Main benefits of Certification

 Fair competition in the market;

  • reduction of clandestine products;
  • Products with manufacturer’s warranty;
  • The products are health insurance.

OCD – Designated Certification Body

In order for the certification process to begin it is necessary to contact a OCD, designated certification body.

The OCD is the bridge between your company and Anatel, it is it that conducts the whole process of Anatel certification, called the conformity assessment of telecommunications products, issuing at the end of the process the certificate of conformity.

Only with this certificate issued by OCD is it possible to obtain the approval of the product, in order to be possible the legal marketing of its equipment in national territory.

IBRACE Certifications – OCD

One of the OCDs is the IBRACE certifications, which 17 years ago offers its customers full service in the ANATEL certification, making the approval process simple and fast.

Due to our experience and after thousands of approvals, we are market leaders and one of the only groups to offer the synergy between certifying body and testing laboratory (CERTLAB).

We always cherish our services with excellence, and for this reason we are appointed by the program of Continuous quality Control (PQC) of Anatel as a reference in quality and efficiency, being the best in the market.

The certification process may seem difficult and time consuming, but in IBRACE we do it in a simple and quick way. Come and do a free training and get to know our solutions for the process!

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